4 Common Heating Repairs
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When your heating system breaks down, you want answers—but more importantly, a fast solution. For the latter, Adon Complete Property Solutions is here to help homeowners with heating repair in the McKinney, TX area with prompt service when you need it. To know what’s wrong with your heater, we’d have to take a close look at the system, but we can give you an idea of some common heating repairs to help you narrow down the source.

Ignition Repairs

Repairing the ignition system in a gas heater used to mean one thing—lighting the pilot light. However, today’s furnaces do not have standing gas pilots, as this was inefficient—using fuel throughout the day and night—and often unsafe.

Instead, today’s furnaces use electronic ignition to start up. A hot surface can create a flame or an electronic spark, which means it only starts up once you need heat, saving a lot of fuel. However, this ignition switch may fail and require replacement eventually. Luckily, this usually isn’t too costly.

Safety Switch Repairs

Your furnace is loaded with safety switches to protect you from a gas leak, an overheated system, or a carbon monoxide leak. This is absolutely a good thing, but those switches may malfunction over time. For example, the fan limit switch, meant to stop the furnace plenum from overheating, may fail and shut down the system even when there is no danger present. It likely needs replacement at this point.

One safety switch repair is a relatively simple one, but we still recommend professional repairs just in case. The flame sensor, the component that detects when there is no flame present, may simply become dirty and fail to work properly. This means it needs to be cleaned!

Electrical Work

Often, a furnace simply fails because of electrical issues with the system or within the home. If your furnace won’t start at all, we recommend resetting the circuit breaker to see if this helps. Your furnace doesn’t run on natural gas alone!

Otherwise, you may run into trouble with the fan motor, wire connections, or other electrical components powering your furnace. These all require someone with the right experience and training for repairs, as it may be unsafe otherwise.

Changing Out Dirty Air Filter

This one tends to surprise people. We show up for an AC repair—usually for a system that’s not putting out enough hot air or one that is short cycling or hard starting—and find that the only problem is a dirty filter and a bit of wear and tear. If you allow the air filter to get too dirty, it can be clogged enough to restrict airflow and prevent the system from working properly.

Many of the problems you’ll encounter with a furnace are due to poor installation or a dirty filter. Make sure qualified heating technicians help keep your system maintained, and replace the filter every 1-3 months, and you can prevent many of the issues that could come up.

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