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We're proud to be McKinney's one-stop-shop for AC repair services. We install, repair and maintain a full range of HVAC products, including air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, ductless mini-splits, thermostats and indoor air quality products. Our team services all makes and models, so no matter what you have, we can help.

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HVAC Service FAQs

AC Repair Cost near McKinney TX?

The cost to repair your AC unit in McKinney, TX is usually around $350-$600. The price can fluctuate due to: 

  • The kind of repair 
  • The level of the repair 
  • The contractor’s hourly rate 

The cost of the repair can also vary depending on if the repair requires replacement parts. Although getting your AC unit repaired can be costly, it is integral to the operation and longevity of your AC unit’s service life to address repair needs right away. To learn more about getting your air conditioner repaired, give us a call today

What are the benefits of HVAC maintenance near McKinney TX?

Some of the benefits of HVAC maintenance in McKinney, TX are: 

  • Your HVAC unit lasts longer 
  • Your HVAC unit is covered under warranty 
  • Your HVAC unit breaks down less often 

Having your HVAC system serviced can save you money on repairs and energy costs. Additionally, most maintenance plans offer discounts on repairs, making them a great investment. To get your HVAC unit on a maintenance plan, contact us today

Should I repair or replace my AC unit near McKinney TX?

A few things you should consider when deciding whether to repair or replace your AC unit in McKinney, TX are: 

  • The age of your AC unit 
  • How well your AC unit is maintained 
  • How many repairs your AC unit requires 

Another thing you should consider is if your energy bills have increased dramatically. If your AC unit is breaking down often and costing more to run, you should think about having your AC unit replaced. To get your AC unit repaired or replaced, call us today

How much does it cost to replace AC and ductwork near McKinney TX?

It costs around $5,000-$12,000 to replace an AC unit and ductwork in McKinney, TX. Although, the price can fluctuate due to: 

  • The size of your house 
  • The type of AC unit you want installed 
  • How accessible your current ductwork is 

Although getting your AC unit and ductwork replaced at the same time can be expensive, it is very worthwhile. Getting faulty or damaged ductwork replaced allows for your new AC unit to run more efficiently. To get your AC unit and ductwork replaced, contact us today.

AC Repair Service near McKinney, TX

Home and business owners in McKinney understand how important it is to have great heating and AC repair service. At Adon Complete Air Conditioning & Heating, we're proud to be McKinney's preferred choice for AC repair. Our experienced comfort specialists take great pride in making high technology affordable for all of our customers and providing only the best customer service.

Your HVAC System Installation

You're going to depend on your HVAC systems, and you should be able to depend on the company that installs and services them near McKinney TX. That's why we offer two-year heating and cooling maintenance plans and a three-year labor warranty for all new installations. We're particularly knowledgeable about high-efficiency systems and always provide excellent service.

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Living in McKinney,TX means you need a great air conditioner, and that means you need a great HVAC company to take care of your AC repair service needs. Adon Complete Air Conditioning & Heating has the tools and experience to meet them. Contact us at (903) 482-4900 and schedule your service today.

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