Air Duct Sealing

Eliminate Wasteful Air Leaks & Reduce Your Bills

A leak in a duct can lead to wasted energy and wasted money. Let our air duct sealing experts help save you money!

Your ducts are an extremely important part of your entire home's HVAC. Not only do the ducts ensure that your conditioned air is distributed all around, but they also work to keep the proper balance for each room. But did you know that the average duct system loses about 20% - 30% of its conditioned air to leaks?

If your ductwork starts to form leaks, holes or disjointed connections, the consequences can be more than just rooms that are too warm or too cold; they can lead to expensive repair or replacement of your HVAC equipment as well.

Why are my ducts leaking?

Ductwork is generally strong and well-protected, but that doesn't mean that leaks can't form. Some of the more common reasons for leaks include:

  • Deterioration of the ductwork.
  • Cracking of the caulking or sealing between panels.
  • Poor original installation or fabrication of the ducts.
  • Renovation work.
  • Foundation settling.

Once a leak, hole or poor connection appears in the ductwork it is there forever and will start a series of detrimental effects.

  • Poor air quality - Not only can your air escape the ducts, but it is now open to dust, insulation particles, dirt and more. These can be a health hazard if allowed to flow through your system!
  • Irregular climate - Some rooms will be too “stuffy” while some rooms will be too "frigid," and some may end up with no tempered air at all.
  • Extraneous wear and tear on your HVAC equipment - As the thermostat detects imbalances in the climate it will keep your equipment on longer to try and even that out. This will lead to more use, and therefore stress, of your entire system and could lead to costly repairs.
  • Higher energy bills - The more your system has to work, the more it will cost you!

Why Choose Us?

Sealing air ducts may look like a simple and easy fix, however, it can be extremely difficult to pinpoint the source of the leaks and even more difficult to get to them! That's why we put our more than 15 years of experience into helping home and business owners in North Collin and Grayson counties keep their climate systems going strong.

If your HVAC is giving you any problems, give the experts at Adon a call to work with you on a fast and reliable fix! Call us today at (903) 482-4900 to schedule.

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