How I Went from a Sub-Zero Crisis to Cozy Comfort with Adon Complete’s Emergency HVAC Furnace Repair

In the midst of the recent unprecedented cold spell, Mei G., an Adon customer, faced the daunting reality of a failing HVAC system, just months after acquiring her new home. Mei knew her heating system’s advanced age after her initial home inspection. But nothing could have prepared her for the abrupt loss of heat during Anna’s coldest weather in recent memory! (Isn’t that always when the worst happens?) We responded as we always do! But Mei wanted to share how promptly we addressed her immediate crisis and how we established a performance standard for customer care and service efficiency. Take it away, Mei!

The Problem: No Heat! Coldest Weather in Memory

“I recently purchased a property that we knew from the inspection report had an aging HVAC system. We bought the house with that awareness in mind because we knew there should be some life left in that HVAC system! Fast forward 7 months after we moved in, and we had some of the coldest weather that the Anna area has ever seen. One evening, I noticed the HVAC system making a lot of noise, and then all of a sudden, there was no more heat! I panicked…it was sub-zero outside. What were we going to do?

The Fix: Fast Furnace Repair

The next morning I called Adon. They were courteous and very helpful, like they always are. And hey promised to have a technician come take a look the following day. And they did! They came out, they spent time troubleshooting what happened, identified a wire that had become loose in one of the heat strips. They fixed it quickly, within an hour.

But I knew, because of the inspection, that it was just a matter of time before I had to replace the furnace. So Jesse Villareal, the owner, came out the same day to evaluate the system and give me a proposal. My husband and I looked it over and gave our okay.

I was really surprised–pleasantly surprised–that Jesse had the equipment and the crew return in 24 hours. Not only did they get one system replaced, they got two systems up and running all in the same day! It was very impressive.

Towards the end of that long installation day, they saw something that wasn’t quite working with one of the two thermostats. They spent a lot of time studying it, so I could tell that Jesse was taking it to heart. So he and one of his top technicians came over bright and early the next morning to take a look at it again.

The technician was able to identify that the valve that hooks up to my propane source needed to be replaced. When they did that, everything started to work. Knowing how cold it was outside, they really wanted to do the best job that they could for their customer.

Adon’s Professional HVAC Service Approach

I’m very happy with Adon, and I think the whole company is really well run. I told Jesse this face-to-face before I knew he was the owner! And before we ever met, I’d been an Adon customer for six months, since I bought my property.

Every technician who comes out for maintenance has been courteous and punctual. They tell you when the next availability is, and then send an email and a text to remind you before they arrive. They also give you a full profile on who’s going to show up on your property so that you’re not surprised or uninformed. That’s something that you don’t see nowadays: A company that goes to that extent to think about the customer journey and what a customer would worry or think about! And it’s not just Jesse, the owner, it’s everybody who works there. Even the person who took my reservation was professional and courteous.

Adon vs. Other Anna, TX, HVAC Companies

I’ve used plenty of other companies before I bought this property. They would either not pick up the calls, or if they did, they pushed out my service date days out. That’s why I appreciate being treated like a real person versus a number, a nameless entity. Adon is not a big enterprise. They’re not a conglomerate or a national chain. They do what they say they’ll do, and they fix the problem punctually and professionally. What more can you ask?”

Final Thoughts from Jesse Villareal

At Adon Complete Air Conditioning and Heating, you’re not just a number to us. We treat our customers like people. We want to ensure that every visit from an Adon technician leaves you warm and comfortable in the extreme Texas weather. Let Adon Complete bring you the best heating and insulation services, not only in Adon, but in Collin and Grayson Counties, too.

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