Should You Repair or Replace Your Heating System?
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Texas temperatures are dropping, and it’s finally worth it—even necessary—to keep your heating system running most of the night and day. However, you’re facing some big problems. Maybe you’re just not getting enough heat from the system or perhaps it’s completely broken down, but either way, something must be done.

Of course, we cannot tell you much about the state of your heating system without taking a close look. However, we can provide some guidelines so that you know when it is a good time to repair your heating system and when experts often recommend replacement. Ask yourself these questions.

Have you had it for over 15 years?

The lifespan of a heating system is not definitive. We cannot, for example, tell you with certainly that your brand and size of furnace will last 12 years, as it depends on a lot of factors. How often you use it, the size of the home, the settings you program into the thermostat, and even the quality of your air all play a part.

However, we can tell you that most furnaces are only built to last about 10-15 years. After this point, any manufacturer’s warranties have likely long expired because the manufacturers do not expect them to run smoothly after so much wear and tear.

That means that you’ll be stuck paying for any and all repairs, which can really add up in an older system. You may find that the performance quality of your furnace suffers, and that you’re paying a lot in bills as well! A new system simply won’t have these problems.

Are you making repairs over and over again?

It may seem that making several smaller repairs is the cheaper option than replacing the whole system. But when a furnace is old and some of the components are wearing out, the rest are soon to follow. This means you may be left patching up an old system for years, even though it’s bound to break down eventually!

The cost of replacing a furnace bit by bit is much more than the cost of replacing a furnace all at once. When you add up the cost of labor for each part, it can be exponentially more! Of course, one small electrical repair doesn’t mean the end of your system, but repeated problems are a warning sign.

Is a repair going to cost about half the price of a new system?

If repairing your heater will cost about half of what it would be to get a new system, it’s not worth it. Usually, your technician will let you know as they are doing an estimate. Yes, you could replace a major component of your heating system, but the long-term cost just isn’t worth it. If the warranty won’t cover the part, a new system makes the most sense.

All in all, it will come down to the conversation you have with your technician—or technicians, if you get a second opinion. Be sure you pick experienced folks who won’t try to sell you a system you don’t need!

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