Why Air Duct Cleaning Matters to Your Health, Comfort and Finances
A before and after picture of an air duct cleaning.

Have you’ve noticed little puffs of dust coming from your vents when you use your HVAC system? Or have you’ve seen noticed an increase in dust and pet dander inside your vents? Both of these are clear indicators that you need seasonal air duct cleaning in your McKinney, Texas, home.

Inside your HVAC unit, fine dust tends to collect on the duct surfaces, motors, vents and coils. Pet dander and flakes of sloughed skin combined with dust create a very unhealthy environment where dust mites and allergens thrive. HEPA air filters remove the majority of these offending agents from the air, but not from inside your HVAC unit or ductwork.

Increased Energy Efficiency

The ducts inside your home are responsible for moving air from the vents and throughout the rest of your home. With several hundred feet of ductwork in most homes, it’s not surprising that air ducts can become filthy.

Over time, it’s this buildup of debris slows air circulation and prevents your HVAC system from working efficiently. Seasonal duct cleaning clears accumulated dirt and debris. As a result, it increases energy efficiency and lowers your energy bill.

Improve Overall Health

If your family members suffer from asthma or allergies, routine air duct cleaning can improve their symptoms. Air purifiers and clean air filters go a long way toward improving indoor air quality. But periodic duct cleaning can also reduce the number of airborne allergens inside your home.

Extended HVAC Life

As with any home appliance, preventive maintenance extends both functionality and longevity. In McKinney, Texas, the weather can go from seasonably cool to scorching hot in the blink of an eye. Periodic cleaning of your HVAC system and ductwork ensures the highest level of efficiency, particularly in the middle of summer when you need it the most.

Preventive air duct cleaning is one of the best ways residents can reduce utility bills, improve indoor air quality and breath easier. If you’re not sure about the health of your air ducts, contact Adon Complete Air Conditioning and Heating at 903-482-4900 today. Our HVAC experts are here to help you breathe easier and live a healthier life inside your home.

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