Why Home Automation is a Selling Point for Rental Properties
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Home automation has become more commonplace recently. As a result, rental property owners in McKinney, Texas, have started adding some of these components to benefit their tenants. Home automation features, including smart thermostats, connected locks and security options, can increase the value of your property. By adding these features, you can also make your rental facilities more appealing to potential tenants:

Improved Security

Adding a few connected cameras around the perimeter of your rental property can drastically improve the security of the facility. As a result, it’ll give your tenants more peace of mind as they settle into the space.

Security systems also help to protect the property from intrusions, which can benefit you as the owner. A larger home may need several cameras and sensors near all exterior doors. A one-bedroom apartment would even benefit from a single camera near the front door.

Increased Efficiency

A smart thermostat is another great addition to any rental property, especially if you pay the utilities for your tenants. When they’re not responsible for the bills, renters tend to be a little heavy handed with the thermostat, which can cost you a lot in the long run.

Smart thermostats allow for control of the HVAC system from anywhere. As a result, they offer more convenience for your renters and the potential for you to manage the temperature remotely. While you certainly shouldn’t alter the indoor atmosphere of an occupied apartment, you can use this feature to raise or lower the temperature when the tenants have moved out.

Simplified Transitions

A smart lock can also make it easier to turn your property over to the next tenant. If you offer short-term property leases, such as a vacation rental, you can simply give the tenant the code or send an e-key to his or her smart device.

For long-term rentals, using smart locks means you don’t have to change the lock between every lease. Simply change the access code or revoke the previous tenant’s e-key. Your property will be secure for the next person who plans to move into the space.

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