How to Save Money on Air Conditioning

It’s pretty easy to guess which parts of the country have the highest air conditioning costs. Even though other states are starting to see dramatic drops in temperatures as the summer comes to a close, Texas air conditioners are still running nonstop. We pay a lot for air conditioning, but we’ve come to expect it. Still, if there were a way to cut costs, even slightly, wouldn’t you choose to?

You may be able to find some ways to save on your air conditioning costs. Just follow our expert tips, or call our team if you are ready for an AC upgrade.

Keep It Clean

Reducing the cost of using your air conditioner can be quite simple. One of the biggest factors affecting the way your air conditioner runs is actually just a little bit of dirt. Dirt can interfere with the functions of the AC system, forcing it to run for longer which means it has to use more energy and drive up your costs.

The outside coil gets dirty with time, and a coating of dirt can prevent heat from releasing outdoors like it’s supposed to. While some homeowners spray this down with a hose from time to time, that may not be enough. You’ll have to call in a technician for a professional coil cleaning as well.

The other way dirt affects your air conditioner is when the filter becomes clogged with dirt. This keeps air from flowing properly throughout the system. All you have to do is change it each month.

Use It a Little Less

We know, we know: it’s easier said than done! But many people use their air conditioners more than they need to, simply because they fail to shut it off when it’s not in use.

Throughout the day, you should keep your air conditioner at an efficient temperature—around 78°F if that’s tolerable for your family. Try not to fluctuate the temperature too much, as this wastes energy as well. Then, when you leave the home, raise the temperature by about 5-10°.

And if that’s too difficult to do, consider our next step…

Get a New Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is a fantastic upgrade from a manual thermostat, since you can set your “away” temperatures in advance. But an even better upgrade is a Wi-Fi thermostat that you can control from your smartphone.

Smart wi-fi thermostats help you to make more efficient choices for your air conditioner, with easy-to-use programming and the ability to track your energy use.

Make Your Home a Cooler Place

Finally, it’s important to see that your home has the best possible conditions to keep you from wasting energy. Here’s what we mean:

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