Use Landscaping to Boost Cooling Efficiency and Save Money
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The climate in McKinney, Texas, presents warm temperatures throughout much of the spring, summer and fall seasons. As a result, locals rely heavily on their air conditioning systems to maintain a comfortable indoor atmosphere. If your bills are increasing, take a look at how landscaping can help you boost cooling efficiency and save money.

Add Shade Trees

The heating and cooling system in most homes uses approximately half of the total energy or more. This means you could be spending a lot more on bills when you’re running your air conditioner throughout the warm seasons. Using landscaping can help increase your home’s energy efficiency, keeping the costs under control.

Start by adding shade trees close to the home. Large trees provide shade that naturally blocks heat gain, reducing how much energy you need to cool the interior. Some of the best shade trees include sycamore, willow and different types of evergreens. You’ll also be able to enjoy the shade these trees provide when you spend time in your yard.

Use Ground Covering

The ground’s radiant heat also impacts the overall efficiency of your home, particularly during the summer months. Using ground cover on your property can help absorb the radiant heat, lessening how much enters your home. You can even choose a type of plant that naturally resists pests, such as citronella, which is a natural mosquito repellent.

Plant Shrubs

Shrubs and bushes also help improve your home’s efficiency because they provide shade around the lower windows, offering protection from the sun’s harsh UV rays. When the windows are covered by bushes and other landscaping, the sun can’t seep in as much during the day, which helps keep the indoor temperature more stable.

When you’re planting bushes and other landscaping elements, keep all plants at least three feet from your air conditioning system’s outdoor unit. As a result, you’ll prevent it from getting clogged with debris.

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